Thursday, 12 September 2013 

 I'm supposed to be doing some homework now, but as nobody ever said, "procrastination makes perfect".


1. Danny Glick from the original 'Salem's Lot'. Utterly creeptacular.
2. Dunno if it's the best, but one of my faves is the arrow through the bed, Kevin Bacon and his squeeze in 'Friday 13th'.
3. Mrs. Bates.
4. The Evil Dead: The Musical. "The greatest piece of entertainment in the history of history, period" say undead stoner movie reviewers, comics and unofficial official 'Evil Dead: The Musical' spokeswhores, Mike and Ike! I totally agree.
5. Difficult to choose as so many of them are about as funny as Bobby Davro. Or, at least, the ones who are supposed to be comic relief are, anyway. Toss up between Dr. Pretorius ('Bride of Frankenstein') and Freddy Krueger.
6. Ingrid Pitt. No questions, no doubts.
7. 'Dracula A.D. 1972' or an Amicus portmanteau.
8. Sorry to be boring, but 'Alien'
9. Got a soft spot for 'Hammer House of Horror' and I enjoyed the short lived ITV anthology series 'Chiller' way back in the early 90s.
10. Not really horror at all, but Dexter. Hate is too strong, but I think indifference can be worse to be on the receiving end of!!
11. Pretty much 80% of Jason Vorhees' victims. Or the entire cast of 'Sleepaway Camp'.
12. Past year? Erm...'Sinister' is as close as I can get to that. Properly gave me the creeps!
13. Pam / meathook interface from the original 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. It just feels so real and brutal.
14. Pinhead and his hooks from nowhere!
15. Frankenstein's Creature for his Bride. Shame she didn't reciprocate!
16. Liz Stride's demise in the otherwise mediocre 'From Hell' is a good 'un. I know there are better out there, but I'm really struggling to think right now.
17. Awww dammit, it's gotta be Hammer's campy masterpiece 'Dracula A.D. 1972'! The Count, a Van Helsing or two, some hippies already a couple of years out of date and a killer opening tune - what's not to love!!
18. 'The Evil Dead'. Or 'Friday 13th Part 2'. Ummm....both.
19. Eli Roth in 'Pirhana 3D'. Not exactly 'murdered' but boy was it good to watch!
20. Ingrid Pitt in 'Countess Dracula'.
21. Ed Gein and his family for inspiring 'Psycho', 'Texas Chainsaw' and 'Silence of the Lambs'.
22. 'Zombies Zombies Zombies' aka 'Zombies vs. Strippers'. Utter pish.
23. Tough call! Umm...'The Wicker Man'.
24. James Bernard's score for the first Hammer 'Dracula' is a contender, as is the 'Friday 13th' theme (ki ki ki, ma ma ma!), but I'm gonna have to go with Jerry Goldsmith's 'The Omen' score as it's truly awesome!
25. Original Jason is creepy as heck but you gotta give the love to Kane Hodder.
26. I'm actually really looking forward to Hammer's sequel to 'The Woman in Black'.
27. Jason Vorhees punching a head off in 'Jason Takes [a trip to] Manhatten'
28. Much as I have a bizarre love for 'Blood of Dracula', it's gotta be 'The Wasp Woman'.
29. The Hammer Van Helsing family. Suave, committed and truly gentle men. If you weren't a vampire. Sometimes even if you were.
30. 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. I doubt I'm the only one who was convinced that Sally would end up as so much chum by the end, only to be left reeling a little as she left Leather Face frustrated beyond his comprehension.

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