Sunday, 13 June 2010

Oops. Pic n' mix entry.

Looks like I'm doing my usual where blogs are concerned and forgetting to update! I really am rather rubbish at journal keeping. This is gonna be a little bit of a mixed bag.

There is some good news. My copy of Captain Clegg arrived and it has an English soundtrack, so huzzah! I've not got around to watching it yet as I've more than a few unwatched DVDs ahead of it, but knowing me I'll bump it up the queue at some point soon.

Speaking of Hammer DVDs, I've also recently managed to finally nab myself a reasonably priced copy of early Hammer sci-fi film (and precurser in tone to their first Gothic horror, Curse of Frankenstein), Four Sided Triangle. In a nutshell, two men build a duplication machine and fall in love with the same woman, as you do. She agrees to marry one of them, and the other decides to create a duplicate of her for himself, but the duplicate falls in love with the other guy, too. Hilarity ensues. Or not. I don't know yet. I'm kinda half hoping for a custard pie fight between the woman and her duplicate, but I think that's best left in my head.

I cracked my SNES out today for the first time in around three or four years, and again lamented the fact that my Super Mario All-Stars cartridge is missing. That was one ace cart; three Mario games all in one grey plastic box. Mario 3 is my fave, with the first Super Mario game a close second. Anyway, I spent an hour or so trying to get past level 2.1 of Bram Stoker's Dracula and getting eaten by aliens in Alien3. I am so gonna have to buy SMA-S again and Jurassic Park.

I've got myself a box of Ungor for my WHFB Beastmen army. After much thought I decided to arm them with bows (as in "I saw there were bows on the sprues and that decided that") for use as Ungor Raiders. I'm thinking a goat-man version of Robin Hood, although that'll be tough since they don't have clothes on to paint Lincoln Green. Perhaps they'll just be Robin and the Merries in my head.

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